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Rules of professional basketball

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Basketball is a very popular sport in the whole world. In 1904, basketball made its first appearance at the Olympics as a demonstration sport.

In the year 1936, basketball was included in the games that were awarded medals. Also, in 1976 basketball was introduced in the women’s Olympics.

Basketball is a team sport played between two opposing teams. The main objective of the game is to score points by putting the ball in the basket and to stop the opposing team from doing something similar.

A basketball game begins from the very Centre of the court. It begins when the referee throws the ball up in the air and the two players of the opposing teams compete to get it first. The team that gets the ball first is called the offensive team and the other is called the defensive team. Here are some basketball rules.

Rules of Basketball basketball game

Score more than your opponent to win the game: To win the match your team will have to score more points than the opponent team. The score in basketball means the basket scored by the player in the gameplay. The score offered for the basket is three to four points. The goal can be made by jump shots, layups, and many more.

Score within the given time: The teams have a limited time of gameplay in which they have to make the score. The shot clock is placed on the hoop on both sides of the court and it shows the countdown of the time allotted to the teams. If the time ends then the scoring team becomes the defensive team and vice versa.

Defenders can block or steal the ball: The defenders can steal away the ball or block the path of the offensive team to stop them from scoring a goal. They stop the ball from entering the basket using various practiced techniques of defense.

Each team is allocated with the number of fouls: The NBA allows the teams to make only five numbers of fouls and other fouls made after that gives a bonus point to your opponent team.

Illegal contacts result in a foul:

basketball playersWhen the basketball player makes illegal contact with the opponent player then the referee gives this a personal foul. In these types of fouls mostly the players do this to hinder the game of the opponent player. The referee can call the coaches if such kinds of fouls are made again and again in the game.

In this article, you will get to read about the famous game basketball which is played in almost all parts of the world. There are several decided rules for all the sports and thus has basketball.

These rules guide you about what is legal and what is illegal in the game. The two teams defend and offensive the ball to get a goal and score points in the given time limit.

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