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Basic badminton rules you should know

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Badminton is the most beloved indoor game, which is known for its existence from the 16th century. Also being an ancient game, it was first played in the middle of the 1800s in British India.

It is played in a closed big room known as a badminton court. This game involves playing with a racket and shuttlecock. Now badminton is played all over the world and also now played in the Olympics.

There are two players in the game, and both the opponents fight back with their rackets to hit the cock. It can also be played among two players on each side. There are several rules in the game that should be followed by the players while playing the game.

Also before playing this game, you should know about some of the rules and regulations which the players should know.

Badminton becomes more interesting if you are familiar with badminton rules and regulations.

A game of two or fourbadminton game

Badminton is a game that can be played as singles and doubles. In the singles, there are two players playing opposite to each other.

While in doubles, you play the game of four with two players on each side.

Left or right

It is not that you can decide on which side you will play. It is the most basic rule of badminton that should be followed by all the players playing this game. In the beginning, if the server’s score is even then you will be playing at the right side of the net. If the score is odd, then you will have to play on the left side.

Know your weaponsbadminton equipment

In badminton, you will get a stringed racket and a shuttlecock to play the game. The cock is made up of a rubber base and feathers on the top. The players get a stringed racket to play the game. Also, you should hit the rubber base with the racket and not the feather part.

Net trap

The net is a very important part of badminton. If the shuttlecock gets touched to the net or hits the net then the player is disqualified. This gives a point to your opponent.

Tame your hands and foots

While playing make sure that your feet should not touch the white line that is bordered around you. Also, your hands are considered as your racket, so the touch on your hand is foul play. This rule should be known by all without any doubt about it.

Begin it by a toss

Either playing in the Olympics or at your home, the very basic rule of badminton is that it begins with a toss. So while playing you should not fight over who will be serving first. It is a rule and you are within the box of the badminton rules.

The first serve is completely dependent on toss and the second serve is on who has won the first serve of the game.

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